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  • Daily Activities

    Every Friday, you'll get a week's worth of activities so you can schedule out your week with your little ones.

  • Positive Talk

    Have fun talking with your kids about affirmations, gratitude and healthy habits.

  • "I love myself"

    Encourage your child to feel amazing about themselves. Our activities are designed to foster a positive self-image and high self-esteem.

What's Included


For Kids:
+ Affirmation Coloring Page
+ Weekly Habit Tracker
+ Affirmation Writing Practice
+ Greeting Card Coloring Page
+ Gratitude Activity Page
+ Free Drawing Space
+ Reading Log

For Adults:
+ Helpful Tips
+ Weekly Planner Pages
+ Exploration Checklist
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What's Included

How It Works

  • 1. Packet Arrives

    Every Friday morning you will receive a new bundle of fun filled activities and affirmations. You can access the your materials anytime you want for as long as you wish.

  • 2. Print & Plan

    Print out the materials and plan your coming week with our activity calendar.

  • 3. Have Fun

    Explore the activities and build the habit of gratitude and positive affirmations together.

People Love Repeat After Me

Mommy to 2

Meet Rose

Mommy to 2

Omg Tangie I love this so much!!!! I will gladly buy your books I am all about positive affirmations especially for children!!!!!
Grandma of 3

Meet Lorelyn

Grandma of 3

What a wonderful project! I have 3 grandsons all under 3 years old so I love exposing them to these books.
Mommy of 1 energetic girl

Meet Eela

Mommy of 1 energetic girl

I love this! I love the rawness of parenting! I love that I can know I'm not alone and have different ideas of positive affirmation for myself and my child! I am going to love watching your journey Tangie Nadimi! Great job and keep going!
Mom of twins!!!

Meet Cassie D

Mom of twins!!!


Meet the Author

  • Tangie Nadimi


    Tangie Nadimi

    Growing up, I was not raised by my biological parents. I felt like an outsider. I felt rejected, abandoned and alone. There was no love and compassion, and not one human being that could help me cultivate a healthy state of mind. I had accepted my story as I saw it and was sure to remind myself daily that I was unwanted and unworthy. I took pride in being detached from others, because a detached individual cannot be hurt when the next person leaves them behind.

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